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Officina De Giambattista
Officina De Giambattista S.r.l.
Via Monica, 3 - 23020
Prata Camportaccio (SO)
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Officina De Giambattista is one of the main European manufacturers of commercial vehicles pillars, position gained thanks to its deep knowledge matured in more than 40’s years’ experience in the industry and to its vocation for innovation.

The flexibile production structure enables the production of a vast variety of pillars from the aluminum pillars for light lorries to steel pillars for curtainsider vehicles. Next to catalogue standard pillars we can offer customized solutions to body-builders to better satisfy their needs.

Our philosophy is to manufacture pillars with high performance in terms of functionality and durability exclusively in our Italian site.
Localisation of production guarantees full control of production process and enhances the knowledge of our staff.

The foundations on which we have built our savoir-faire are the following:

we think that only with continuous innovation we can win the challenge of global market competion and for this you need dedicated resources to the study of new products. Our technicians are always focused on the search of new solutions, both in terms of production process and in terms of product. We can make in house prototypes as we have flexible technologies such as FDM machine and laser cut. We have a test laboratory to try our products before the launching in the market.

our atelier can make molds for metal cutting and bending, plastic injection and aluminum die-casting. Having in-house mould manufacturing is crucial to reduce product development leadtime and to increase  the lifetime of tools by their continuous  maintenance.

the safety of our products starts from the quality of raw materials, for this we use only certified high quality materials: DOMEX for steel components, grade 6063 for extruded aluminum profiles and PA66+20%FG for plastic components.

if safety and functionality are the most critical aspects of our product also design plays an important role during the development of a new product and the care for details is never neglected during production.

our imperative is to satisfy our customer and if our standard products are not suitable for him , we can make customized proposals that meet his needs.

we are aware that it’s not enough to have functional and resistant products, they must be have a competitive cost as well. Our way to reduce costs is not to move production in low-cost countries but is to invest in process innovation and in state-of-the-art technology that allows to reduce production lead-time cycle.
we like to think that our customers are our partners. The reciprocal trust enables us to grow together and explore new paths.